Creation from 3 to 10 february 2018 - Halle Nord - Genève (CH)

Concept – Aurélien Dougé et Perrine Cado
Performance – Aurélien Dougé
Scenography and light – Perrine Cado
Costume – Caroline Bault
Production – Inkörper Company
Coproduction – CCN de Roubaix - Ballet du Nord
Supported by – City of Geneva, The Patronage fund S.I.G., Ernst Göhner foundation
Residency – CCN de Roubaix - Ballet du Nord, TEEM, Point Ephémère

Sacre is a participative performance imagined by Aurélien Dougé – dancer, performer, choreographer – and Perrine Cado – scenographer - , which provide a unique opportunity to gather and raise awareness, by art, on Human Impact on the Environment. The project aims to open sensibility to nature. It is based on the interaction between facts and fiction, art and science, knowledge and perception, space and time.

Sacre is organized as a visual and sound proposition that engage physically the public in an immersive experience and a practice of duration.

Sacre is a site-specific project that uses the Location (be it dedicated to art, or not) as a ground for research and experimentation. Just as much as the space, the context, the history and the geographical surroundings define the staging and the amount of time by which and during which the project is exposed. Every presentation is unique.

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