Blessed Unrest

Creation 24 march 2016 - No Mad Gallerie - Paris (FR)

Conception Choreography Scenography – Aurélien Dougé
Dancers – Aurélien Dougé, Elena Thomas Voilquin
Music – Greg Haines

Duration – 15 min env.

Production – Inkörper Company
Residency – ADC - Genève, Studio des Bains

Blessed Unrest is a choreographic creation for unconventional venues and settings. Two bodies form a single unit nevertheless. In slow motion and on a pile of fresh flowers, they let themselves be guided by the laws of physics: the forces, resistance, anatomical functions, levers, etc. They move continuously while simultaneously constructing figures inspired by Rodin's work.

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Blessed Unrest is at first a sensory experience. Created for presentations in unconventional venues and settings, this performance intentionally seeks out closeness between the dancers and the audience. The public discovers the finest articulations of the body, the physical movement in the muscle’s power and in flesh’s elasticity. But Blessed Unrest is not only a proposal that reveals all the magnificence of our organism. Behind the voluptuous figures constructed by the two interpreters in fusion emanates a trouble. Blessed Unrest finds its foundations in a multitude of ancestral and contemporary sources of inspiration – from iconographies of lamentation in the Christian religion to the works of sculptor Auguste Rodin – and presents heavy fragmented bodies. Slow rhythm and atmospheric music support vertigo and leave everyone's imagination free to interpret anything that can connect the dancers: solidarity, seduction, macabre dance, and so on.

Created in March 2016 at the NoMad Galerie in Paris (FR) – since then presented on stage at the 30th International Choreographer Competition in Hanover (DE), in a forest in Lancy (CH) or in various places such as Geneva train station (CH) or Carouge market during Fête de la Danse Geneve 17, Blessed Unrest is a mobile project that is redesigned according to the conditions and the architecture of the place of presentation. Each performance is unique by its sound environment, its scenography set and its connection with the audience. Blessed Unrest aims to connect the everyday life with the unusual, the banal with the astonishing, the ordinary and the wonderful.