Inkörper Company

Directed by Aurélien Dougé, Inkörper Company impels works of research, experimentation and artistic creation. The company tries various attempts at gathering, composing and juxtaposing disciplines by inviting artists, technicians, thinkers, aesthetics and multiple writers to work together. Through each collaboration, the challenge is to promote the collective dimension and maintain links while preserving the independence of each.

The multidisciplinary productions of Inkörper Company invest theater stages, galleries, museums, art centers and spaces that are not at first dedicated to art. Each project is realized in situ, adapting to the architecture of the place, the context where it takes shape.

Since its creation in 2014, Inkörper Company has been programmed: in Switzerland: at the Geneva Antigel Festival (2014-2016 / 2018), at the Geneva Arts Center (2017), at the Friborg In-Cidance Festival (2017). In France: at the Nuit Blanche Off in Paris (2014), at the Biennale de la danse de Lyon (2014), at the 30/30 festival in Bordeaux. In Russia: at the Skorohod Festival in St Petersburg (2016). In the United States: at the WaterMill Center - Robert Wilson in New York (2016) Inkörper Company could not have deployed in this way and until today without any particular support arrangements. This is largely a matter of trust and support in the form of creative aids, residence time, co-production that allow economic and material conditions to be met for the proper development and progress of projects.